May 2018

Four Ways Logistics Companies Can Save You Money

By AmstanOH on 28 May 18 Logistics Provider

When a company first starts considering the idea of hiring third-party logistics provider transport companies, they almost always wonder “Why should I hire someone to do something we’ve been doing ourselves for years?” Well, the simple answer is that such logistics companies are specialists – unlike their clients.  A furniture company’s core competency, and the […]

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How the Rise of Machine Intelligence Is Affecting Logistics Companies

By AmstanOH on 25 May 18 Logistics Provider

When you hire third-party logistics provider transport companies, you’re hiring specialists in optimization whose job is to lower your transportation costs.  Such logistics companies are accustomed to staying on the cutting edge, but lately, technology has been advancing so quickly that it’s becoming hard to keep up. Machine intelligence systems are becoming particularly disruptive, and […]

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How Refrigerated Containers Are Bringing Changes to Logistics Companies’ Operations

By AmstanOH on 23 May 18 Logistics Provider

For decades, the “reefer ship” – refrigerated ship – was a mainstay of waterborne transportation systems, a necessary part of any logistics companies‘ planning if they handled perishable or heat-sensitive goods.  However, new changes in refrigeration technology – particularly the invention of “reefer containers” – are bringing big changes to the industry. Will the day soon […]

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