5 Tips for Maximizing Intermodal Transportation Efficiency

By AmstanOH on 1 December 17 Freight Transportation

In managing your company’s logistical needs and ensuring that products make their way to their destination safely and in the ideal condition, it’s important to consider intermodal transportation services. Our team has decades of experience in handling transportation for businesses across the country, and in this latest post, we’ll explore five tips for maximizing intermodal transportation efficiency.

  1. Work with a data-focused company

The transportation company you work with should be committed to ensuring that data is a critical element of the service. They should be able to provide you with clear timelines on deliveries and on any routing issues that occurred during the delivery. This will ensure that the transportation process continually improves.

  1. Set clear objectives for the process

Working with an intermodal transportation company can be a challenge if the company doesn’t have clear objectives for the transportation process. It’s important that you carefully consider the objectives, and make sure they are clearly outlined for your chosen service provider to utilize.

  1. Review reliability levels

The company you select as your intermodal transportation specialist should be reliable in their delivery of products in a consolidated timeframe. Make sure that the company can prove their expertise within the marketplace and that they can respond to your full range of transportation requirements. Ask the company for references from past or current clients in order to help you learn more about their work and core competency.

  1. Streamline the dispatch process

One of the most common mistakes companies make in building their intermodal transportation network is having a dispatch process that is overly complex and requires the transportation provider to take on additional duties. Make sure there is a standard dispatch process for each delivery. This will help you in reducing your costs in the long-term and ensure that your transportation partner can complete their own work efficiently.

  1. Review cost benefits regularly

The main advantage of an effective intermodal transportation system is that it can help cut down on storage costs as well as other logistics expenditures. Make sure the costs continue to remain affordable and the benefits of the service continue throughout the completion of the work.

Our team at Amstan Logistics is here to offer a high-efficiency intermodal transportation solution. To learn more, contact us today!

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