A Guide to Choosing between Intermodal Logistics Companies

By AmstanOH on 4 April 18 Logistics Provider

Intermodal logistics companies can help your organization consolidate its costs when transporting goods across the country. They offer route tracking systems, budgeting services and other service options to help you run your organization and its freight transportation. Our team at Amstan Logistics is a noted leader in the intermodal transportation field and in our latest post, we’ll explain key considerations for choosing between intermodal logistics companies. You’ll agree Amstan Logistics is a solid choice.

Analyze Tracking Services

The accuracy of tracking times within intermodal services has improved significantly in recent years as companies automate the tracking process and ensure that all data is preserved. Make sure that the company offers tracking services that can prove the value of their work and the unique performance advantages of working with their team to manage your intermodal transportation.

Review Cost Benefits

The data shows the clear financial benefits of choosing intermodal transportation services versus over the road services. The latest studies show that intermodal services can save the average company 15% on the cost per truckload versus an equivalent over the road service. There are many other cost benefits associated with intermodal companies as well. For example, companies can now streamline the transportation of goods across country borders with customs services that limit long waits between countries.

Examine the options with Long Haul Services

Make sure the intermodal services provider has a multitude of long-haul services to offer as part of their competency. Intermodal transportation is far more effective for long-haul transportation needs than any other form. Ask the company directly about their long-haul services and find out how much you can save by working with their team. Oftentimes, because the cost of transporting freight across large distances is so high, intermodal companies can help their clients save thousands of dollars on the transportation of goods.

Consider Added Services

What other services does the company offer? Are they able to provide expertise in border freight management? Do they have experience in the warehousing of products along the intermodal transportation route? Are they able to provide special care for temperature controlled or refrigerated products?  Look at the company’s full selection of services before making a final decision on the firm and the options they have available.

Our team at Amstan Logistics is here to guide you in choosing one of the best third-party logistics companies. To learn more about our services and savings we provide, call us today.

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