A Guide to Supply Chain Logistics Management Processes

By AmstanOH on 2 January 18 Logistics

The supply chain taking products from your fulfillment areas to the customer’s door must be managed expertly to ensure that all elements are completed according to the best practices in the marketplace. Our team at Amstan Logistics has decades of experience, and we’re highlighting the elements important to the inbound area of the supply chain and logistics management.

Pre-Receipt Notification

In order to speed the supply chain up and drive higher performance logistics management, many companies are now completing pre-receipt notifications. This occurs when a receiver gains access to information on a product automatically before it arrives at the warehouse. This helps reduce the time to put away products and eliminates costly mistakes that occur when manually entering product data.

Warehouse Coordination

The automation of the load receiving process will ensure that warehouse coordinators know when a load is due to arrive and at which warehouse door the shipment will be received. The automation service also ensures that warehouse teams are unloading the correct package and have clear details on how to handle products within the warehouse setting.

Communication with the Customer

Working with a trusted supply chain logistics management company ensures that all elements of the freight management process taking place in the warehouse are noted and details are communicated to the customer. This means customers retain full control throughout. Elements such as license plate tracking further support tight control over the shipping process. Warehouse management systems allow for full tracking of the truck’s license plate, to ensure that product on the road is safeguarded and that warehouse teams know when to expect the product to arrive. The customer retains the ability to add, delete and change orders at this stage so that costs can be reduced and the management company can improve the efficiency of the supply chain.

Our team at Amstan Logistics is here to guide you in supply chain processes and logistics management. To discover more about our work, call us today!

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