Amstan Logistics Is Proud to Be One of the Market’s Top Logistics Companies with Intermodal Transportation Services

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November 23, 2017 – Hamilton, OH-based Amstan Logistics is considered one of the market’s leading logistics companies for their commitment to high caliber intermodal transportation services. The company’s intermodal services include comprehensive route analysis, ensuring companies consolidate the cost of their transportation and ensure the ideal route for their freight. It also includes freight tracking, ensuring that customers achieve a complete insight into the current location of their freight in real time. It’s the comprehensive service expected of a logistics leader.

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Intermodal transportation requires the guidance of a company that understands the complex process of tracking freight. It requires companies to consider how best to manage their freight from one location to the next while minimizing delays and supporting long-term route efficiency. It’s the reason so many are now working with Amstan Logistics.

Intermodal Transportation

Amstan Logistics’ intermodal transportation service helps clients build effective routes for their shipment across the country. Whether they’re shipping via train or truck, clients can depend upon the Amstan team to deliver routing efficiency and help ensure that shipments arrive safely and in the ideal condition. The company’s service includes all elements of claims management to protect shipments and offers connections with shipping partners across the market so that companies can achieve a rate that saves their business thousands of dollars in shipping costs.

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To learn more about the intermodal transportation services offered by Amstan Logistics, please contact their team now at (855) 974 479 or visit www.amstan.comYou can also reach them via email:

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