Amstan Logistics Proudly Announces Superior LTL Shipping, Tracking, and Logistics Services

By AmstanOH on 15 January 18 LTL Shipping

December 20, 2017 – Hamilton, OH – For the best in LTL shipping and tracking services, more companies are choosing Amstan Logistics.  Founded in 1960, and incorporated in 1974, Amstan has always been at the forefront of shipping best practices and technological innovations.  Throughout, Amstan has always maintained a focus on providing superior logistics services to its customers across the nation.

Today, Amstan offers a full range of third-party logistics (3PL) services, encompassing both logistics as well as physical transportation.  Their beginnings as a truck fleet give them additional expertise on the physical side of 3PL services, while their constant embrace of new technologies allow them to stay at the forefront of logistics innovation.

Amstan can provide optimization and support to businesses of all sizes, in areas such as:

  • Load Tracking
  • Route Optimization
  • Carrier Management
  • Claims Management
  • Tariffs and Contracts
  • EDI and ASN
  • Rate Shopping
  • And more

Amstan is continually looking to leverage their own large-scale network and operations to bring the economies of scale to smaller operations.  Their embrace of intermodal transportation services allows them to take this a step further, offering a wide variety of options in transportation methods.  Amstan customers enjoy flexible shipping methods, lower costs, and better shipment tracking that allows for long-term optimization of their supply lines.

From arranging basic LTL transportation to full-scale 3PL service packages, Amstan offers a compelling and cost-effective alternative for businesses looking to improve their logistics.

About Amstan Logistics

Amstan has more than fifty years’ experience in managing fleets, supply lines, and logistics.  Amstan began as American Standard, Inc, and a private fleet backed by superior logistics.  Over the years, Amstan has continually expanded its transportation services – now including LTL shipping and tracking, data-driven analytical optimizations, and intermodal transportation over roads, rail, and water across the United States.  Today, Amstan offers top-quality third-party logistics services to a wide variety of customers.

For press inquiries or more information, contact (855) 301-7599.

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