Annual CVSA Road Check

By AmstanOH on 24 May 19 Blog
CVSA Road Check

In 2019, the annual CVSA Road Check is scheduled for June 4-6.  For more information read about the safety event here.  CVSA-certified inspectors will be conducting a North American Standard Level I Inspection which includes driver operating requirements and vehicle mechanical fitness.  There will be a special attention paid to steering and suspension systems on vehicles, however, inspections look for any issues.

In 2018, 67,000+ drivers were inspected, and unfortunately nearly 4% (2700 trucks) were placed out of service for vehicle related violations.

Delays May Occur and Capacity Will Be Tight

How does this affect the market?  Not only are the nearly 2700 trucks delayed for repairs, other factors influence shipping.  Because so many drivers take time off that week, more shippers are forced to post loads into the spot market.  On top of that, the first week in June marks the beginning of the summer peak season and we are also coming off a short Memorial holiday week.  

Be prepared as a shipper, expect tighter capacity.  Try to plan ahead to minimize delays and rate increase.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your Amstan CSR.

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