Customer Portal

Amstan Logistics will develop a customer portal unique to your business needs.  This portal is designed to meet the needs of your business and will include, but is not limited to, the following features and services:

Control Tower Visibility

  • End to end shipment visibility and analytics of multimodal, multi-leg shipments

Carrier Management

  • Automate the details of carrier data management so you can focus on managing your business

Rate Shop

  • Select the optimal mode, carrier and rate
  • Simplify the choices from our large database

Route Optimization

  • Optimize loads across business units, locations, and customers
  • Determine best carrier and mode for quality and cost

Freight Bill Audit

  • Evaluate invoices and align carrier contracts before payment processing

Load Tracking

  • Track all of your shipments on a single screen regardless of mode

Claims Management

  • Data retrieval and repository for updating carrier communication on any claims that are processed.

Dock Scheduling

  • Efficiently manage multiple egress points to reduce delays, confusion and miscommunication

Management Reporting

  • Highly customizable management reports

Tariff and Contract Management

EDI Capabilities

Ability to Receive ASNs

Amstan delivers the highest quality and most robust TMS available.  We provide a consultative approach that begins by understanding your unique business challenges and similarities to 1000s of other business cases we have experienced.  With that in mind, we design solutions that deliver process improvements, cost savings and risk mitigation throughout your supply chain.

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