Five Critical Reasons That Third-Party Logistics Provider Transport Companies Make Sense

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As the global desire for goods continues to grow, creating ever-greater demands on the world’s transportation services, more and more operations are turning to third-party logistics provider transport companies to handle many elements of their business.  Third-party logistics companies (3PLs) can potentially take over nearly every aspect of your business which involves transportation – and save you a lot of money in the process, while also improving the efficiency of your operations.

After all, management of the global transportation network is probably not part of your operation’s core competencies.  So why not leave it to the specialists?

Five Reasons Third Party Logistics Companies Make Real Business Sense

1 – Highly efficient route selection

A quality 3PL can choose between all forms of transportation in the world, as well as leveraging economies of scale to offer discounts on transport which a single company couldn’t swing by itself.  This can drastically reduce your overall shipping costs.

2 – Less paperwork

3PLs will almost always take over the paperwork for your shipments, handling the bureaucracy on your behalf.  That can substantially reduce the burden on your back office and help keep them focused on mission-critical work.

3 – Improved oversight and tracking

Do you currently have the ability to track all your shipments, incoming and outgoing, from end to end?  With a 3PL as your partner, this is easily accomplished.  You’ll receive much deeper data on your shipments, as well as instant visibility into the status of any piece of cargo.

4 – Higher customer satisfaction

What do you get when your packages are shipped more efficiently, more quickly, and with easy online lookup of the shipment’s status?  Highly satisfied customers!  As a corollary, you also get the tools to handle inquiries and complaints more efficiently as well.

5 – Reduced liability

In most cases, transport companies working with the third-party logistics firm will carry their own insurance, as well as bearing legal responsibility for all the cargo in their possession.  That reduces the number of things that can go wrong for you.   The 3PL, as your broker, can help with claim resolution while not taking responsibility for the freight.

Amstan Logistics Can Be Your Global Shipping Partner

No matter your needs – whether it’s transportation services, warehousing, procurement, tracking, paperwork, or all the above – Amstan Logistics has decades of experience in the realm of transportation and logistics.  We can work with you to drastically cut costs while improving service.

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