Five Key Services the Right Transport and Logistics Companies Can Provide

By AmstanOH on 28 February 18 Management Logistics Services

If your business needs shipping and distribution, you could realize significant savings of time and money by hiring transport and logistics companies like Amstan Logistics.  These transport and logistics companies, also called 3PLs (for third-party logistics) offer numerous services which can pay off in a big way for their clients.

Every year, more companies are realizing the benefits they can reap by partnering with a 3PL.  Here are some of the biggest reasons they make the shift.

Five Services A 3PL Can Provide with Superior Cost-Effectiveness

1 – Price leveraging

Since 3PLs are often handling the logistics for dozens of client companies at once, that gives them the ability to leverage significant economies of scale.  Your operation benefits from their lower costs, as well as being able to save by “piggybacking” on existing scheduled shipments at substantial savings.  This can particularly pay off if your organization often needs to make shipments that are undersized, on short notice, or both.

2 – Route Optimization

A 3PL will have databases in place with dozens, or even hundreds, of shipping options.  Often, these will span multiple forms of transportation as well – including road, air, rail, and water.  This gives them the incredible flexibility to plan your routes and optimize them for your benefit, picking and choosing from the options.

3 – Superior Data Systems

Much of the information at a 3PL’s fingertips can be made available to you as well.  You’ll get significant insights into how your loads are handled, and the overall cost-effectiveness of your supply chain management, bringing you more actionable data to improve your business result.

4 – Robust Dynamic Freight Tracking

Transport and logistics companies will be able to track your cargo from end-to-end in real time, making all the information available to you whenever you need it.  This won’t just help your own operations.  You can share this information with your own customers as well, adding value to your operation.

5 – Administrative Support

Why pay your own people to handle the bureaucratic requirements of shipping and logistics?  A 3PL has systems in place to handle invoices, payments, auditing, reporting, and more – available at a fraction of the cost it would require implementing a similar system within your own operations.  With the right logistics partner, shipping becomes painless.  This is the best option for outsourcing your logistics needs.

Choose Amstan For Superior Logistics Services

At Amstan, we have decades of experience and top-tier analytical systems.  Contact us for more information.


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