How the Right Logistics Partner Can Mitigate Supply Chain Risks from Intermodal Transportation in Ohio

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When you want the most options and flexibility in how you optimize your global logistics, you want intermodal transportation.  ”Intermodal” means logistics that potentially utilize every possible kind of freight transportation – including road, rail, air, and sea – to deliver custom-tailored results.  Whether you want to optimize for time, costs, or some other factor, intermodal transportation in Ohio delivers the most possibilities for savings.

However, that does not mean that intermodal transportation is a risk-free proposition.  It carries significant risks that can reduce its effectiveness as a strategy.

The Risks Associated with Intermodal Transportation in Ohio

The risks from intermodal transportation boil down to the complexity of the venture, and the difficulty of maintaining proper oversight.

Once a shipment has left your warehouse – or left a partner warehouse en route to you – it is often largely out of your control.  You have to rely on your shipping partners to ensure it properly transitions between each mode of transport.  If not, it’s potentially lost.  However, attempts to arrange intermodal transportation yourself will often mean relying on multiple third parties, who may or may not be able to communicate effectively with each other.

On top of this, gaining insight into the process can be difficult.  Even if one partner providing road service has excellent data-sharing, there’s no guarantee the partner moving your shipments by rail will offer the same service.

Added up, this makes for a nerve-racking experience where a single error can wipe out the savings from intermodal transportation.  Fortunately, there is an alternative.

Gain Confidence in Intermodal Transport with The Right 3PL

A third-party logistics firm (3PL) in Ohio can remove your concerns about the process!

3PLs have extensive global connections, with companies which are known to be reliable.  They can maintain the oversight on your shipments you can’t handle personally, while sharing their data with you at every step.  Through them, you’ll have full visibility into the process.

In addition, they can bring additional benefits, such as bulk price negotiations.  When a 3PL can bundle multiple client companies’ shipments together, they gain a price advantage that none of those individual companies could command on their own.

In short, with the right 3PL by your side providing intermodal transportation in Ohio, you can leverage the benefits without the drawbacks.

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