How to Best Ship the Most Common Items Handled by Transport and Logistics Companies

By AmstanOH on 25 October 18 Blog

With a history spanning decades shipping American Standard products, Amstan Logistics has more experience than a lot of transport and logistics companies out there – and that allows us to share the benefits of that experience with our customers.  We’ve worked with just about every type of cargo that could be shipped, and we know there are specific factors to consider with each category of cargo.

So today, we just wanted to briefly discuss some of the most common types of cargo we handle, and what you can do to help ensure optimal efficiency in transporting them.

Hints for Shipping Four Common Cargo Types 

  1. Furniture

Because furniture tends to be large, oddly-shaped, and heavy, its freight density is all important.  Remember, recent rules changes allow shippers to charge not just based on freight classification, but also by how much space it takes up.  Look to package your furniture in ways which will minimize its footprint.  Also, look to use carriers who will be willing to take items which may require lift gate services, or home delivery, for the best customer experience.

  1. Food

Most forms of food are, of course, perishable and will require temperature-controlled trucks or cargo containers.  The issue with food is that it doesn’t spoil at the same speed.  You should carefully consider the shelf life of every class of food product you ship, and prioritize based on its survivability.

  1. Electronics

Many newcomers to electronics shipment don’t realize that electronics are usually shipped in temperature-controlled containers.  This can add to both the cost and time of shipment!  In addition, electronics are often at the highest risk of theft.  Try to package your products in a way that draw less attention to themselves.   Less Than Load shipping is also a good choice for electronics because there are many checkpoints throughout the journey that keep extra eyes on your cargo.

  1. Machines

Machinery (such as mills, vending machines, etc.) is especially tricky because it’s large, bulky, heavy, and very vulnerable to damage.  You’ll need some shipping pros to ensure your machines are properly protected against damage in transit, but without unnecessarily increasing your shipping costs.


As a standout among transport and logistics companies in Ohio, Amstan Logistics has the experience to streamline your shipments.  We can reduce your costs, improve efficiency, and deliver superior prices because we leverage economies of scale.  Contact us today to learn more.


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