Important points for Freight Claims when they happen

By AmstanOH on 30 June 18 What's New

No one plans to file a freight claim, but everyone should be prepared.  If you are not already familiar with the Carmack Amendment, it might be a good idea to take a moment to review here.  In short, the Carmack Amendment holds carriers responsible for damages to freight while in transit.  It does however limit liability under certain circumstances:  Act of God, Shippers Failure to Properly Package Product or Damage –Prone Products.

Here is where it gets tricky.  Even if one of the above exclusions does not occur, failure to file a claim properly may result in the denial of a claim.

Below are a couple points you need to consider:

  • Inspect the product before the driver leaves for damage/loss. If packaging is damaged, open it up if possible to inspect the product.  Never sign a delivery receipt without noting all external damage or shortage.
  • Take Pictures – Images of the damage are invaluable.
  • Set the product and the packaging aside – Depending on the value a carrier may want to inspect the damage. In some cases, if a total loss, carrier may take ownership of the product.
  • Have all the proper paperwork
    • BOL
    • Delivery receipt noting damage or shortage
    • Repair or replace invoice
    • Pictures

Carriers can take over 90 days to finalize a claim so please be patient.  Filing a claim can be frustrating, but having everything in order can make it easier.

How Can We Help 

As a Third-party provider of transportation, one of the services we provide is claims management because we know that accidents can happen.  We will work with you to shorten the claims process, properly represent your company and keep you in compliance with the Carmack Amendment.  Contact Amstan for all your logistics needs and count on us to deliver the best service even when accidents happen.

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