Overcoming the Challenges Facing Flatbed Trucking Companies

By AmstanOH on 29 January 18 Logistics

Because Amstan began as a trucking and hauling company before branching into logistical and supply line services, we understand the challenges facing flatbed trucking companies.  Flatbed trucking is one of the single most difficult forms of long-distance hauling, and there’s a lot that can go wrong.

When you partner with flatbed trucking companies, you need to know that your cargo will arrive safely and on time, every time.  Our expertise in the field gives us the advantage and is one of the primary ways we provide superior logistical services to our customers.

Four Challenges Facing Flatbed Trucking Companies – And How We Overcome Them

  1. Driver Recruitment

It’s no secret that the shipping industry as a whole has been facing a lack of drivers, which has, in turn, created major challenges to the entire field of supply chain management.  We focus on recruiting top drivers and paying them enough to keep them on staff.  We pay more per mile, compared to other forms of trucking, as well as offering compensation for the extra work demanded in flatbed trucking.

  1. Proper Load Securement

Securement is one of the biggest issues with flatbed trucking.  Unlike hauling trailers or cargo containers, flatbed cargoes are generally exposed.   An improperly-secured flatbed isn’t just a danger to your cargo – it’s a danger to the motorways!  We emphasize training in hiring our drivers, ensuring they fully understand their responsibilities and best practices in securing cargo.

  1. Overcoming the Additional Labor Demands

Another key difference between flatbed trucking and other forms of hauling is that the driver is usually much more directly involved in loading and securing their own loads.  This can put off some drivers who prefer the more sedate nature of long-haul cargo driving.   We emphasize the benefits of the additional challenge:  The extra physical work keeps our drivers fit, while the mental challenge of engineering proper securing methods gives real satisfaction when handled well.

  1. Keeping Drivers Safe

Statistically, flatbed hauling is the most dangerous form of trucking – both for the truck driver as well as others on the road.  We work exclusively with carriers that have an exceptional safety record as well as providing plenty of administrative support so that every load is a load carried safely.

Amstan Logistics Can Overhaul Your Supply Lines

We go beyond typical flatbed trucking companies with top-caliber logistics and supply line support.  Contact us to learn more about our services.

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