Partner with A Third-Party Logistics Provider in Ohio To Improve Your Customer Service

By AmstanOH on 18 October 18 Blog

The rise of the Internet and global trade has created huge new challenges for businesses.  One of the biggest of those challenges is the simple problem of how a company can stand out and distinguish itself when it has a literal world of competition.  Geographical considerations are now almost meaningless when it comes to making purchases.  Whatever a company offers, it’s guaranteed that there are hundreds -or thousands- of companies all around the world offering that same basic product or service.

For many businesses, the solution to this problem is to focus on customer service.  By providing superior service to customers and other partners, businesses can still stand out.  Being the easiest company to do business with is a major selling point!

Partnering with a third-party logistics provider in Ohio (3PL) that has customers across North America can be an excellent way to accomplish this.  In a world where speed and accuracy in shipments is increasingly desirable, you can easily show up your competition with better transportation services.  The 3PL will deliver major benefits to you, which you can pass onto your customers and partners.

How an Ohio based Third Party Logistics Provider Can Improve Your Customer Service and Customer Experience

  1. Lowered shipping costs

3PLs act as brokers, making shipping buys in bulk on behalf of all their clients.  This allows them to leverage considerable economies of scale which their clients simply couldn’t demand on their own.  This reduces shipping costs, as well as making it more likely your shipments will be accepted by shippers running at capacity.  In turn, these are cost-savings you can pass on to your own customers and partners.

  1. Greater transparency

A good 3PL will be able to track your shipments from end to end, with real-time updates on their status – even in complicated transportation situations.  Standardized data formats are provided on deliveries and you can easily make this information available to your own partners.

  1. Easily leverage intermodal transportation

Intermodal transportation offers a wealth of new options in moving products from point A to B – if you have the infrastructure and oversight in place to take advantage of them.  A 3PL can easily manage intermodal transport on your behalf, allowing you to offer substantially more ways for your partners to receive their products.

Amstan Logistics

From our beginnings at delivering American Standard products customers across North America and managing flatbed trucking companies in Ohio, Amstan is now a leading 3PL solution throughout the US.  Contact us to learn more about the benefits we bring.

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