Supply Chain Management Trends to Watch

By AmstanOH on 14 August 18 Supply Chain Logistics

This is a genuinely exciting time for 3PL companies and other experts in supply chain management.  Innovative new technologies, methods, and procedures are coming along at a nonstop pace, helping improve logistics and keeping costs down.  It’s vitally important for a company to reduce shipping costs, given how many external factors keep pushing costs up.

So, there are a lot of factors influencing supply chain logistics today.  These are some trends we are excited for and believe will have a positive influence on the logistics supply.

Logistics Trends Worth Keeping an Eye On

  • A growing emphasis on customer experience

Buyers today are far more demanding than they were a decade ago, although much of that is due to pressure being put on them from their own customers and partners.  They don’t simply expect shipping, they want insight and transparency, and to be part of the decision-making process.

Shipping companies that can share their tools or process with clients, giving them detailed access to information about their shipments, will have a clear advantage.

  • A dedication to cloud-based services

Cloud-based software and data are revolutionizing supply chain management.  It solves so many problems, allowing everyone involved in shipment to have access to the same data and tools at any time, from anywhere.  Centralized databases and services are becoming obsolete and will likely have very little place in the industry in a few years.

  • Flexible, “self-organizing” supply chains

Another remnant that’s quickly vanishing are fixed supply lines.  The business world and consumer trends simply move too quickly for companies to be tied down to single supply lines which can take months or years to shift.  3PL companies are increasingly offering agile solutions, adjusting supply chains on a monthly or even weekly basis to offer the most responsive services.

  • “Next-shoring” procurement

Forget “offshoring” or “reshoring” initiatives.  The supply chain industry is moving towards “next-shoring.”  That is, seeking suppliers which are closest to their next customer.  Proximity-based procurement offers a huge reduction in logistical costs, although it requires a significant existing infrastructure to be workable. Infrastructure top-tier 3PLs can provide with ease, counting on a vast network of suppliers and relationships.

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