• “Amstan is a highly motivated and qualified professional with experience in all aspects of business strategies including: sales, operations, and daily changes in the industry. At the time we began working together we hit it right of the bat. Amstan was the key contact and has a unique ability to work in the space between sales and customer services. Amstan is a results driven organization who drove our strategies into sales like very few I have worked with. As an Operational manager of our company I will happily continue to work with Amstan due to agents ability to be a strategist, there attention to the customer needs, and creativity. Amstan truly has a strong understanding of the transportation business. I would highly recommend AMSTAN.”


  • “It has been our pleasure to work with Amstan for the last 20 years. It is gratifying to know that we can count on their organization to look out for our best interests when dealing with them. They have repeatedly shown their commitment to our broker/carrier partnership with fair and competitive rates and a willingness to adapt to changes that normally take place in the trucking industry. They are ALWAYS our first call for brokerage freight. We enjoy working with their professional yet friendly and courteous staff, and highly recommend their company to all. 5 stars!”


  • “I’ve been an agent for Amstan Logistics since 2002. Amstan having a trained and professional customer support person assigned to work directly my me & my customers assisting in all aspects of the shipment including giving list of trucking options, associated prices, BOL preparation, scheduling trucks to pick up, follow up until the shipment is delivered and after and providing daily list of shipments handled to be a value I wouldn’t want to be without. The online pricing tool allows me to quickly evaluate lane pricing and the truckers that serve that lane and their transit times. I receive a copy of every communication between the Amstan CSR & the customer allowing me to be completely up to date whenever speaking with my customers. I receive a weekly commission check with a detailed breakdown which is always very accurate. Working with Amstan is easy & offers the level of service I need to serve my customers. Amstan treats agents as if they are part of the company which allows agents to get all the benefits of a large and professional company at no cost and get paid for shipments handled in the model. That is why I’ve been with Amstan Logistics for so long and will continue to be.”


  • “Amstan has always been very fair and professional in working with customers and sales agents. The customer service personnel have been diligent in selection of carriers to provide savings and service to our clients. My experience has been extremely positive with Amstan.”


  • “Over our longstanding relationship with Amstan, their commitment to excellence and outstanding customer service has helped our business run smooth. Amstan’s reliable service and extensive network help us to maintain solid relationships with our own client-base. They make every step of the freight transportation process easy to understand and affordable. We love that they look out for our best interests and try to get us the best rates possible. Thank you for making our jobs that much easier.”


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