The Economic Benefits of Partnering with Third-Party Logistics Companies

By AmstanOH on 4 April 18 Logistics Provider

Freight costs are now causing many distribution and manufacturing companies to lose money over past years. This means that many businesses with shipping requirements are looking for outside guidance to minimize their costs going forward. Our team at Amstan Logistics has great experience transporting goods from A to B, and in our latest post, we’re highlighting the economic benefits of partnering with third-party logistics companies.

Competitive Carrier Rates

A third-party logistics provider helps your organization by evaluating carrier rates to find cost savvy options that reduce your costs in the years ahead. They work with carriers to establish pricing that benefits both your company and is acceptable to the carrier. They also have access to a large selection of carriers, allowing you to choose a service that best suits your business needs, both from the economic and strategic standpoints at delivering to your customers for the lowest cost.

Reduced Capital Commitment

A clear benefit of third-party logistics companies is that they require less of a capital commitment than employing logistics teams within your own firm. You can avoid purchasing the tracking technology and the management systems for your team. You can avoid hiring and training team members for your logistics needs. You save time and money to resolve client issues that may occur during the transportation process. You get commitment from your third-party logistics provider to ensure each of these areas is managed effectively, ensuring that your deliveries are completed on time with the most efficient use of your resources.  The 3PL’s network gets deployed for your needs.

Savings on Routing

One of the most common expenditures for transportation companies is ensuring that freight gets routed effectively for every delivery. Working with a third-party logistics provider is the best way to save on freight costs because they have the technology in place to track freight across various routes in real time. They help drivers avoid heavy traffic and plan around days in which there is local road maintenance. This helps clients save thousands of dollars in fuel and truck maintenance costs.

To discover more about the cost-saving benefits of working with third-party logistics companies, turn to the trusted team here at Amstan Logistics directly. We have done this for all our clients and will certainly help you. Call our team now and we can show you how this works.

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