The Role of Tracking and Receiving within the LTL Shipping Process

By AmstanOH on 12 October 17 LTL Shipping
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LTL shipping providers can help to keep your goods safe as they make their way across the country and around the globe. Working with a specialist means understanding the value of their role within the process and ensuring they commit to the highest standards required in the marketplace. To help guide you in this process, our Amstan Logistics team will take a look at the role of tracking and receiving in the LTL shipping process.

Tracking Helps Protect Cargo

With the latest GPS tools, we can now track cargo in transit and ensure that the freight is in the requisite location on its route. One of the major benefits to this process is being able to track changes in the route, which might indicate that a package has been lost. If the GPS system highlights movement away from the defined route, tracking teams can contact the driver and discuss any problems that might have occurred. The customer can then be notified and alerted to the issue. Tracking also ensures that the customer knows when the package is due to arrive. This can help, for example, if the company is expecting the delivery of new office equipment, and can help them prepare for the integration and installation process.

Attention on Receiving is Required

Once the order has been tracked successfully to its destination, the customer’s role as the receiver takes precedence. It’s important to carefully consider the receiving process to ensure that the shipment is delivered in the requisite condition. As part of the receiving process, for example, the customer should review the number of pieces the delivery came with, and make a note if the pieces don’t match the order.

Any damage to the box should also be noted so that the LTL shipping company can look at their tracking processes and determine where the damage occurred and who is responsible. If there is a problem with the delivery, it’s important that customers set the package aside and then have the carrier inspect it using their teams. They can then decide, along with the carrier, how best to move forward in ensuring the delivery is made again with the package received in the optimal condition.

LTL Shipping & Tracking

When you turn to the trusted team here at Amstan Logistics, you’ll gain access to an LTL shipping specialist with expertise in tracking and logistics analysis. Our team can help ensure your company’s deliveries are made efficiently, and with seamless precision. To book a consultation with a company specialist, call us today.

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