The Value of Freight Management Logistics in the Current Marketplace

By AmstanOH on 27 December 17 Freight Transportation

Freight management can help to ensure that all logistics processes are completed efficiently. Many companies, however, are passing up expert services while keeping the management process in-house. This can have a significant impact on the business in the long-term. To help explain the challenges in the industry in greater detail, Amstan Logistics is highlighting the importance of freight management logistics in the current marketplace.

  • Congestion

Congestion is now being tackled by strict laws within urban centers across the country. Cities are now taking it upon themselves to limit the amount of traffic within urban areas in order to mitigate the problems associated with pollution. This highlights the importance of freight management logistics companies who can organize freight in a way that lessens its impact on congestion and helps the company consolidate its expenditure over time.

  • Growth of Online Shopping

The growth of online shopping has been staggering in recent years. Billions are spent each year on having goods delivered directly to the customer’s door. This market is only set to grow in coming years as consumers reduce their trips to retail outlets and spend more time shopping online. This inordinate growth has placed significant pressure on freight management teams, who now have to work with logistics experts to ensure all deliveries are made with precision and in-keeping with standards consumers expect.

  • Increased Consumer Expectations

The modern conveniences provided by the online marketplace and through direct-to-consumer models of business are empowering the customer and raising expectations. Customers now expect, for example, a product to be delivered within 2-days of ordering. Their expectations for on-time delivery are higher during the busy periods such as the holiday season.  The majority of customers have also said they would stop shopping with a retailer after just two late deliveries. This highlights the immense importance of building a logistics process that prioritizes freight management.

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