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The transportation industry is extremely volatile as the world’s economy recovers from the global pandemic. Industry trends and market swings can be daunting for any company to manage. Partnering with Amstan for your managed transportation services can give you the ability to focus on your core competencies and empower your business to grow faster.

Amstan Logistics is a third-party logistics provider that is ranked among the top 100 freight brokerages in the United States. We leverage our technology, transportation experience, and our problem solving abilities to streamline visibility and improve your supply chain logistics management.

Here is how our managed transportation technology can improve your freight and logistics processes.

Control Tower Visibility

Control Tower Visibility blankets the beginning to end supply chain process. A control tower gathers and stores all the data you need for true supply chain visibility. To improve your current supply chain, you have to understand and analyze the data that you collect. Consistent data collection processes will streamline and reduce your transportation spend. A Control Tower within our managed transportation technology uses real time systems integration to collect data and provides a graphical interface to display your shipment information. With real-time visibility, you can have the peace of mind that your freight is being managed so that you can do what you do best.

Freight Optimization

The magic of freight optimization technology begins with control tower data you use every day to move freight. Current rates, approved carriers, specified capacities, transit times, and other available data is fed into this tool to produce realistic and executable load plans. Orders from across the world with multiple customers, locations, or vendors can be combined into multi-pick/drop movements, continuous move shipments, backhauls, and even pooling scenarios.

24/7 Availability

Typically your transportation department won’t work all day and night and seven days a week. If you want 24/7 services, you will have to hire employees for three shifts and an extra workforce for the weekends. You can bypass those extra expenses by taking advantage of the services of a third-party logistics provider. Amstan will answer your call and provide customer service to your satisfaction any time you want.

Contracts Management

Managing contracts is the heart of any Managed Transportation solution.  Leveraging preferential terms and negotiated lanes by consolidating contracts and applying decision-making support tools ensures that you are utilizing the best carriers at the best value.

Business Intelligence

Customizable reporting capabilities are a great way to organize control tower collected data to provide information that is both extremely valuable and easy to understand. Reporting gives you the ability to share data with your team members in the form of charts, dashboards and visual aids to quickly interpret data, judge performance, and take action to effectively run your business.

Freight Audit & Pay

The order-to-cash cycle can be complicated when it comes to consolidating and auditing your logistics invoices. Amstan can customize your invoicing processes to meet your specific needs.  Using a managed transportation solution eliminates the inaccuracies that occur while saving your company from overbilling and ensuring accurate payments are made to the carriers.

Freight Claims Management

Freight claims are an inevitable occurrence when operating in the transportation. There are endless variables that put cargo at risk in transit and many are uncontrollable. The cost of a claim is not limited to the declared value of the freight itself; often the soft costs that result in managing the claim can rack up. Amstan’s Managed Transportation solution helps optimize the freight claims process to ensure that carriers have a highly regulated time window to respond; which streamlines the process to ensure the fastest resolution and reimbursement possible

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