Three Important Trends That Logistics Companies Are Seeing In 2018

By AmstanOH on 14 May 18 Logistics Provider

Among the many benefits you get from hiring third-party logistics provider transport companies, you get to share in their insights into the transportation industry.  They keep close tabs on trends within logistics and transportation, specifically so they can continue to offer better, cheaper, and faster services to their own companies.  This can be invaluable since few businesses can afford to have someone on their staff tracking transportation industry trends on top of their core responsibilities.

That sort of insight is particularly important right now, as changes to the field of transportation are coming ever faster.  You need a real trend spotter on your side, to ensure you stay ahead of everyone else.

Three Trends In 2018 That Smart Logistics Companies Are Following

1 – Increased use of Artificial Intelligence or “AI”

In many cases, trying to optimize logistics based on purely algorithmic methods is hitting a point of diminishing returns.  So, transportation companies and third-party logistics (3PL) providers are now turning to heuristic AI to help them find new solutions for optimization.

Of course, infinite optimization is not possible, but AI is continuing to find ways to cut costs – bringing huge benefits to anyone with the resources or contacts necessary to make use of those AI insights.

2 – Labor shortages

On the other hand, the problem of labor in the transportation industry isn’t going away nearly fast enough.  Drivers and other workers continue to be in short supply and are demanding better compensation as a result.  Moves towards robotics can only offset this so much, and we’re still many years away from seeing automation really take over.

As such, labor problems will be driving costs up – making optimization even more necessary to prevent that from cutting into your bottom line.

3 – More adoption of “elastic” logistics

One eternal problem among companies with long supply lines is trying to successfully forecast demand months or even years into the future.  Long supply lines can cripple a business’s ability to respond quickly to changing markets, and the markets are changing so much more quickly than in years past.

“Elastic” logistics are one solution: The use of multiple ad-hoc providers, or setting up contracts with less-strict terms, specifically to avoid being tied down by one’s own supply lines.

Reap the Benefits of Logistics Experts

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