Tips for Saving on Freight Costs with our LTL Shipping Tracking Team

By AmstanOH on 10 February 18 LTL Shipping

Whether you’re completing the shipping process for the first time or you ship on a regular basis, it’s important to look for ways to reduce costs. Our team at Amstan Logistics are specialists in LTL shipping tracking and we’re highlighting our tips for lowering freight costs.

  • Ship in as Few Shipments as Possible

The fewer shipments you make, the lower your total costs will be in the coming months. Try to find ways to consolidate the number of shipments you’re making and ensure that more freight is added to each shipping process. Consolidated freight takes up less room within the truck and can help you save when analyzing LTL shipping tracking costs.

  • Learn about Freight Class

Companies are often charged for their shipments based on the freight class. But most don’t have a clear understanding of what “freight class” means. Freight class is determined by the stow-ability, density, handling, and liability involved in transporting the product. A product with unusual dimensions that is hazardous to transport across the country, such as military hardware, will have a higher freight class and therefore will cost more money to ship.  Make sure that you work with your broker to determine the proper freight class and to avoid being reclassed at a higher freight level before the shipment.

  • Determine Eligibility for FAK

FAK or Freight of All Kinds allows a company to ship different products together and thereby pay one low rate for the shipment. Many companies allow this style of shipment when bundling products that are of a similar freight class as it allows teams to cut down on freight costs and transportation demands by consolidating shipments. But it’s important to work with brokers to determine the eligibility of your freight for a FAK process. Ask them about your consolidation options and then choose a service that offers a long-term return on investment for your shipments.

Amstan Logistics Can Help You Save

Our team at Amstan Logistics is here to help reduce your LTL shipping costs with leading tracking services. To learn more about our solutions, call us today.


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