Understanding the Value of Customized Solutions from a Third-Party Logistics Provider

By AmstanOH on 21 August 18 Logistics Provider

Do you have shipping or other logistical needs that go above and beyond the typical solutions on offer?  Then you need a third-party logistics provider!

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies offer a wide variety of options and services to help their clients optimize shipping routes, manage inventory, and maintain better oversight of supply lines.  However, where a 3PL can truly shine is in the implementation of customized services providing your firm shipping options which can’t be obtained “off the shelf.”

Any company may experience dynamic situations where specialized solutions are demanded – but it’s the companies who have partnered with a third-party logistics provider who will see their needs met at with the best use of company resources.

Three Situations Where A Customized Solution Will Save You Time and Money

1 – Preventing breaks in your supply line

Supply lines can be difficult to keep moving properly even in the best of times, and they can be easily disrupted by a multitude of factors including weather-related problems, workforce disturbances, or even legislative impacts.  A 3PL watching over your supply lines will have additional resources and other modes of transportation to draw upon so they can avoid these problems without costing you extra money.

2 – Dealing with unusual or unpredictable shipment types and sizes

Setting up logistical services is simple when you have regular predictable shipments which easily fit into existing cargo containers.  But what if you don’t?  You can end up paying extra for LTL shipments or specialty runs.  A 3PL, however, will have ways of fitting your shipments in with other clients, allowing you to leverage economies of scale rather than experiencing higher costs of delivery.

3 – Meeting deadlines despite complicated shipping situations

A third-party logistics provider can be particularly useful when you need to make tight deadlines in situations where the destination is remote.  Many 3PLs specialize in finding “last mile” solutions which avoid the extra expense that usually accompanies shipments which are outside the regular trade routes.  The wide range of industry connections and transportation modes they will access will work in your company’s favor, providing the best use of your resources. Finally, many of the big box stores have “must arrive by dates” that are adhered to by the best logistics providers.

Choose Amstan For Superior Logistical Solutions

Amstan Logistics has decades of experience, including shipping for American Standard, crafting custom solutions to complicated transportation challenges, while adding transparency to the entire process.  Contact us today to learn more about our portfolio of customizable service offerings.

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