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Amstan Logistics is a full service logistics company. Since 1960. We have managed American Standard’s shipments and we extend our knowledge and capabilities to other companies for the transportation of their goods. As a non-asset based freight management company, flexibility is the core of what makes Amstan different. We take the time to learn about your organization and then develop a solution that “fits” your company. We do not have a “one size fits all model”.

Amstan’s Services and Technology

As conducting business becomes more and more technology driven, choosing the right Transportation Management System (TMS) for your company has never been more critical.

Our tools empower your team by providing access to rates, shipment status information, documentation, and data. People throughout your company can monitor and manage all of your freight activity from one website.

Utilizing Amstan’s technology, freight rates, routes, service times and your contracts are automated and made accessible to you online. You also have the option to have them integrated with your internal systems.

Amstan’s Freight Management Program provides total shipment visibility.  We make sure you have access to the tools and resources you need to maximize your efficiencies. This door-to-door transportation visibility helps you determine where goods are located within the transportation chain.

Amstan’s Freight Management Solutions Include:

  • Freight Analysis: Transportation optimization, continuous improvement opportunities, rate negotiation
  • Web Based Transportation Management Solution Software: Rate shopping, create/ schedule shipments, carrier selection, inbound freight management, shipment visibility.
  • Freight Pay and Audit: Greater accuracy of rates and bills, capture general ledger requirements, and fast discrepancy resolution if it’s needed
  • Reporting and information management: KPI identification and tracking, regular business reviews, automated reports distribution, opportunity analysis for additional savings, carrier analysis and performance monitoring

Data Management

Do you know the current state of your supply chain?

C-Level Executives and Operations Managers need supply chain reporting to monitor costs and improve bottom-line profits. Sales leaders want insights into trends at the customer, location, commodity or SKU level. Finance needs reporting for accounting compliance and forecasting. And for logistics professionals, current-state supply chain knowledge supports quick decision making.

Amstan provides reports that give your logistics team the edge, allowing them to shift freight to more economical modes and build larger, more cost-efficient shipments. It maximizes their role.

Every event, transaction, and user interaction in your transportation process is stored in the TMS and is available for analysis. You can also import data from outside sources (e.g. WMS, accounting systems).

We know these reports are in high demand for companies tracking their transportation of goods

  • KPI analysis
  • Freight Activity
  • Freight savings history
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Carrier compliance
  • Missed opportunities
  • Missed optimized modes

Take Total Control of Your Transportation Costs

Customer Loyalty is our #1 Goal… Because we know “If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will”. Let us show you how well we can take care of your supply chain.

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